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1% For The Planet

Driving Environmental Change through 1% For The Planet

It doesn’t take an army to save the planet, it needs just one person tending it well and an army will be born automatically. In this case, we have two people, passionately in love with the environment, who gave the crusade a whole new life and direction when they came together to form “One Percent For The Planet”. Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews hailed from different zones – in terms of business, geography and even interests. But they had one thing in common – their love for the planet.

For over a decade now, these two passionate environmentalists came up with the path-breaking concept that encouraged businesses across America and beyond to donate just 1% of their total sales towards saving the planet every year. Small change for most but an incredibly valuable amount when it comes to enforce and establish sustainable practices around the world to protect the natural resources that are the very reasons for keeping us in business and alive. In their mission statement the organization makes their goal clear – to create a financial from business alliances to help create a healthy planet.

So how do they do this?

Through the 1500+ environmental nonprofit groups located across the globe, all these groups specialize in their own sphere which means that they have taken up different environmental causes and address these in their dedicated manner of work. All these organizations have been researched and approved by the core teams at “One Percent For The Planet” to not just ensure their dedication and credibility but also their alignment of thought with the organization towards driving the right kind of environmental change.

With more and more companies signing up for it, this merry band of planet lovers soon swelled into a veritable army. Companies like Greenbee Parking feel privileged to be a part of this monumental initiative which is a terrific way to make sure that the planet truly profits. Driving environmental change just by ourselves can be difficult, though we all equally care about it. Driving this change through “One Percent For The Planet” is easy because they are not just an organization but a consortium of activists and groups as well, all focused at just one thing – taking care of the planet.

Chouinard and Mathews realized that industry and ecology cannot work in isolation with each other, each affect the other too much to do so. They made it their mission to reveal and drive home this fact to all and sundry. By pledging their care, concern and profit for the planet, companies are not simply putting a salve on their conscience but also experiencing their net worth rise by leaps and bounds.

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